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NEWS // 07.10.2018

12 consecutive months with 0 seizures from 2 of our warehouses.

NEWS // 14.09.2018

11 Consecutive months with NO seizures.

NEWS // 25.08.2018

Signed with to 2 more well known AAS producers - Shipping WorldWide from EU !!!

NEWS // 11.07.2018
New Partnership Signed @@@ Official Para Pharma Distributors
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Steroid News & Articles

World Anti-Doping Agency is Quietly Giving Cash Payouts to Snitches Who Tell on Steroid-Using Athletes

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recently called its “Speak Up!” program to report doping an “overwhelming” success. The initiative gives individuals a secure platform to report athletes who use anabolic steroids and/or commit other anti-doping rules violations. It is also pejoratively referred to as the WADA Snitch Hotline by many people.

WADA Director of Intelligence and Investigations Gunter Younger has been surprised by the number of informants willing to turn in their fellow athletes. He expected only a few cases to come of it but ended it with 400.





Date Added: 15/11/2018
Got my order and everything was as expected. Try to use bitcoin as you will receive the 10% discount on your order and ...
Date Added: 13/11/2018
great stuff, works well, very clean
Date Added: 13/11/2018
great stuff, works well, very clean
Date Added: 13/11/2018
this made it easy to get cut. Im not sure if it contributed to strength or not.
Date Added: 13/11/2018
got me clean size and strength
Date Added: 13/11/2018
lets jus say it worked VERY well, i never have any signs of gyno, my attitude was always in check. I took 1 pill 2x a ...
Date Added: 13/11/2018
Fast shipment, clean gear, never had any problems. I could see the oils working within the first 3-4 weeks noticeably. ...
Date Added: 13/11/2018
PharmaComStore has partnered up with some legitimate suppliers, making it easy to find top shelf steroids. One cycle of ...
Date Added: 12/11/2018
Process start to finish was as they said it would be. Packaging was professional and secure. Cycle 1ml weekly for 10 ...
Date Added: 10/11/2018
Honestly, by far the best bang for your Tren buck - right here! I do wish there was a bit of a higher level of Test to ...

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